Assistance Programs We Offer

Below is a list of programs that we offer to Veterans in various communities. We are always looking to add programs and find new ways to assist those who serve so if you have any ideas or want to volunteer for any of the programs, please Let Us Know Today! If you cannot donate your time, we understand, please consider a donation Today!


Everyone needs a friend and a place to decompress! Here at the BFF, we are working hard to create a Community Resource Center (CRC) for Veterans to use for many different things from surfing the web, making friends, reminiscing, watching movies, receiving resume and employment help, exercising, and many others!
Our CRCs will house most of the other programs we offer as well as places for Veterans to use as meeting space, party space, and a general area to relax!


Our Logistics Division is a group of volunteers that are available to our Veterans to assist them with general services such as setting up medical care, scheduling appointments, tracking finances, setting up transportation, resume help, employment search help, benefit application assistance, and other general services that civilians take for granted every day. Our Logistics Division is designed to be there to assist our Veterans with transitioning from active duty into the Civilian world, however, it is available to any Veteran!

Service Advocacy

Once a Veteran has a Logistics Crewmember, they will be able to be connected with a Service Advocate (SA) if it is necessary. Our Service Advocates are volunteers that solely work with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to assist our Veterans in getting the benefits owed to them such as medical treatment, disability, and others. Our Service Advocates will work with the Veteran to gather all of their pertinent information and then prepare their claim for filing with the VA. Their SA will then manage the process from start to finish to ensure personal care for each Veteran.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a division of the BFF that focuses solely on Veteran Housing
needs. While the VA offers Emergency Housing Assistance, it is often too little too late. Welcome Home is designed to prevent that as well as help Veterans coordinate the VA’s Housing if necessary. We are working with host families for placement as well as working to build our own housing facility to allow Veterans to have a place to call Home! This is an important part of the BFF as we believe that it is absolutely unacceptable for even one Veteran to fight to preserve our home and then not have one of their own.


While Military Intelligence if often referred to as an oxymoron, our military is very intelligent, and we plan on helping our Veterans reach their desired education level by providing services such as application assistance with
colleges, grants, scholarships, and more! This will be handled through Logistics, however, it is a pillar of our services as we believe that an education is crucial to the transitional process our Veterans go through after their service.

Enroll Today!

As always, we are looking for help from you to provide these services free of charge to our Veterans! Whether you can contribute time, money, or other services, please, Contact Us and Donate Today!